Canada Self Employed

Operated by Leduc Capital Management Inc.

Are you a top talent in athletic and cultural activities? For foreign self-employed nationals, this program allows a direct path to Canadian Permanent residency.

Admissibility Criteria

  • Have at least two years of self-employed work experience in the fields of arts, culture or athletics in the past 5 years
  • Intends and is able to be self-sufficient as self-employed in Canada
  • Can contribute significantly to the culture or athletic life in Canada
  • Obtain a minimum of 35 points (out of 100) on the selection score based on age, education, experience, language and adaptability.

Why choose the Canada Self Employed program

Pathway to Canadian Permanent residence
Can settle anywhere in Canada (except Province of Quebec)
No minimum investment or assets required

Examples of Cultural Activities

  • Photographers
  • Producers, Directors, Choreographers
  • Creative Designers, Craftsperson’s
  • Performing Artists
  • Managers in Culture

Examples of Athletic Activities

  • Coaches
  • Athletes
  • Sports Officials
  • Managers in Athletics

Program Steps Overview

  1. Meet with Leduc team for preliminary assessment

  2. Complete and provide Leduc team with following documents

    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Application Form
    • All supporting documentation required by Leduc team
  3. Submit Immigration Application