Our History

Our years of dedication in supporting immigration programs reflects our commitment to the success of our relationships.


Leduc International Financial Services Inc. (Leduc International) is a financial services company based in Montreal, Quebec. Founded in 1983 under the former name of Leduc & Associés Valeurs Mobilières Inc. by Michel Leduc, an experienced securities broker, it quickly specialized in corporate finance. At the time, the firm managed or co-managed many hundreds of millions of dollars of financing in the form of limited partnerships, flow-through shares and other tax shelters in the areas of real estate, oil and gas and the film industry.


The firm became a member of the Montreal Exchange in 1985 and also put together an innovative team of independent investment advisors through a parent company.


In 2002, this retail activity was sold to a subsidiary of iA Financial Group, an important life and health insurance company in Canada that offers a wide range of life and health insurance products and financial services. It led to the creation of iA Private Wealth (formerly Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.), a full-service brokerage firm with over 500 investment advisors today.

In addition to its retail activities, Leduc International became extensively involved in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program as early as 1986. Focusing on personalized service and professionalism, it has been successful in attracting clients from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Northern Africa.


In 2005, Leduc International acquired the Immigrant Investor Program activities and staff of Canaccord Capital Corporation. Shortly after, the firm agreed to team up with iA Financial Group to offer both the Quebec Immigrant Investor and Canadian Immigrant Investor programs and became their exclusive agent. At that time, Leduc International ceased its brokerage activities to focus on expanding its activities in the sector of business immigration.

As exclusive agent for iA Private Wealth, Leduc International entirely manages and promotes both Investor programs while benefitting from the support and assistance of iA Financial Group, the fourth largest life and insurance company in Canada.

Leduc International is now composed of a multidisciplinary team composed of in-house lawyers, former immigration officers, immigration experts and financial experts. Over the years, our team has provided professional services that are unsurpassed in the industry. We have representatives in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai.


In 2009, the firm also obtained a permit to sell insurance from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the body mandated by the Government of Québec to regulate the province’s financial markets. With this registration, we can advise on and sell group insurance, personal insurance, and provide financial planning through certified representatives.


With the increasing demand of clients for alternate residence and/or citizenship programs, Leduc International has developed other immigration packages within various jurisdictions.


The Quebec Government suspended the Quebec Immigrant Investor program for revision. During the Covid-19 pandemic, our team continued supporting our clients that had submitted their application. Furthermore, Leduc International began its process in obtaining a full brokerage license to be able to operate independently in the Immigrant Investor Program once resumed.


Leduc Capital Management Inc. was created to become Leduc International’s exclusive agent for immigration programs. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program has been relaunched and along with other immigration programs, the Leduc team is actively promoting their services.

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